Friday, April 27, 2012

DBB 593 - MMMS Fan Club/Voices of Marvel


Anonymous said...

Stand a little straighter,
walk a little prouder.
Be an innovator, clap a little louder.
Grow forever greater, we can show you how to.

Where will you be then?

You belong, you belong, you belong, you belong to the Merry Marvel Marching Society!

Why does hearing this great song choke me up? Not nostalgia - I was a DC kid. It's just fundamentally good and decent - exactly the kind of thing that todays' smarmy ironic hipster asshole creators would sneer at.

Robby Reed said...

Hey! You're getting ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

This is insane that you not only do this website, but to take the time to put photos to voice, let alone find the audio tape. Sick!! u never cease to amaze me. Do your fans apprecaite ur greatness???? truly in awe of you Robby Reed!

Robby Reed said...

This is nothing -- wait until you see DBB #600!