Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DBB 597 - Robby Reviews the Capt. America movie


Anonymous said...

I like Cap a lot, with two complaints.

1) What is it going to take to get a superhero movie with a heroic musical score? No one will every forget John Williams Superman theme, or Elfman's Batman, or the Rocketeer theme, or Raiders, etc. I couldn't hum one bar of anything from Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor.

2) I wish Nazis and Nazi imagery hadn't been wiped out of the movie for the sake of international consumption. WWII was not between America and HYDRA. The movie treated the German Army like it didn't exist and the Nazis like they were inconsequential annoyances to the real problem, HYDRA. I think the Red Skull could have used a big red swastika on his uniform.

Robby Reed said...

You're right -- I forgot about the Nazi's. But they weren't removed completely. After all, Cap DID punch Hitler.

Bob said...

I greatly enjoyed this picture -- and it is my favorite Marvel film. I sure wish it was as good as The Rocketeer, but few films are...

Minor quibbles: I disliked that the 1939 World's Fair looked nothing like the real thing, and that there was not enough period music. However, the whole dancing/USO montage may be my favorite moment in contemporary comics films.

I'm saddened that any sequels will take place in the present day, as I think something vital is lost in the character when he's taken out of his historical misc-en-scene.

Capt. America is certainly better than the bloated and pandering Avengers.

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